The Road to Better Content

How Top Businesses Navigate Content Creation

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We all know how important content is for communicating with your customers, demonstrating thought leadership, and generating leads. But creating great content isn’t easy — particularly when you’ve got to do so at scale. Many companies struggle to create enough content, content that’s consistent, and content that has a compelling tone of voice. Typically the underlying issue that gets in the way is that content teams just aren’t efficient enough. They don’t have the right tools, processes, and strategies in place to make content creation a streamlined, effective process.

We know because we recently surveyed more than 200 content professionals from around the world, asking them about how their company approaches content creation. You can access all of the insights we gathered from that survey by downloading “Content 2018: How Top Businesses Approach Content Creation.” Or, check out the infographic below to get some of the highlights about the journey many companies are on to create better content.



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