Under the Hood of Acrolinx – See How It All Works

Webinar | 30 minutes
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Join Dr. Adam Taylor, Senior Sales Engineer, as he takes you under the hood of Acrolinx. Adam will share:

  • The power behind our advanced linguistic analytics engine, including what’s new in Acrolinx 5.0.
  • How to define your content’s style and tone of voice.
  • What scoring your content with Acrolinx entails.

You’ll walk away understanding how our software helps the world’s greatest brands create amazing content.

Presented by

Adam Taylor, Ph.D.

Senior Sales Engineer


As Senior Sales Engineer, Adam is involved with virtually all pre-sales activities, as well as helping both customers and prospective customers with all things Acrolinx. As an Acrolinx expert, Adam is especially involved in demoing the Acrolinx solution, performing in-depth content analyses, and spreading awareness and understanding of how Acrolinx helps the world’s greatest brands speak with one voice.

Watch now

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