Why Content Fitness Should Be the Gold Standard

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When companies talk about creating content, we hear a lot about content quality. The problem is that quality alone doesn’t guarantee high-performing content.

Sure, your content may be factually correct, void of spelling mistakes, and have the right sentence structure. But a simple focus on quality isn’t always enough to get the results you need. 

So what contributes to better performance? Content Fitness. Fit content extends beyond quality to reflect standards for tone, emotion, inclusivity, clarity, and topic relevance. Giving your content the best chance of having the greatest impact. 

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Why there’s more to content than quality 
  • How Content Fitness offers deeper insights about your content’s success
  • The components of Content Fitness and how they impact content performance 


Presented by

Chris Carroll

Director of Product Marketing


Watch now

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