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It’s easy to forget that great user experiences start with clear, correct, and compliant content. 

Technical writers create content, but developers, engineers, and product management teams contribute too. And when you’re busy accelerating time to market, negotiating with multiple stakeholders, and fixing bugs — you don’t have time for confusion or long editorial reviews.

That’s where Acrolinx can help.

Different target audiences have different levels of technical expertise. Acrolinx helps your technical teams write with varying degrees of clarity and tone, depending on which audience they’re authoring content for. 

Acrolinx keeps all your technical documentation in line with your style guide and corporate terminology — eliminating product misuse and an avalanche of support tickets.

…We’ve had quite positive feedback from our Acrolinx users. They find it very easy to use and are impressed by how accurate most of the suggested corrections are.

Language Services Team at Avaloq

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Truly helpful content

Acrolinx keeps your technical documentation and product information:

  • Clear
  • Compliant
  • Consistent
  • Findable
  • Easy to translate

And because content checked with Acrolinx is more readable and reusable, it’s truly helpful to field workers, service technicians, translators, and everyday users.

Reduced editing time

Acrolinx cuts editing time for technical documentation from three weeks to two days by bringing content insights to different authoring environments via 50+ integrations. 

From Google Docs to DITA content, to UI strings, Acrolinx checks almost every file type you can think of, wherever you work.

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Acrolinx is a tool that helps our writers not have to remember 130 pages of style rules.

Brenda Pozek

Director of Documentation at Cerner Corp.

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