The Acrolinx Content Strategy Governance Platform

The only AI-powered platform that gives organizations one clear voice.

Acrolinx is the world’s only Content Strategy Governance platform. This linguistic platform leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to learn a company’s brand and content strategy (overall use of terminology, tone of voice, personality, and writing rules).

Once the Acrolinx platform has learned an organization’s strategy, it analyzes both new and existing content to size the delta between the strategy and its execution. It also attaches an Acrolinx Score (each document’s adherence to strategy). The platform goes on to provide content authors with tools, including the Acrolinx Sidebar, to provide live guidance on strategy alignment, grammar, spelling, etc.

Companies use Acrolinx across their organization, including but not limited to Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Technical Support, Technical Documentation, Software Development, Product Management, Educational Materials, and Legal & Compliance.

The platform is available as a service in the cloud, and is licensed on a subscription basis, either by the number of users, or the number of words under governance.

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