Improving Your Content to Drive a Better User Experience


Tom Aldous, SVP of Global Operations, Acrolinx
Eric Kuhnen, Director of Global Operations, Astoria Software

Technical content quality is quickly becoming a key issue in Customer Engagement. Organizations are focusing their attention on more than just the accuracy of the material. They want to know: Does it conform to established standards for readability and consistency? Does the content support the organization’s desire to speak with one voice? Does it “invite” the customer to continue reading?

If you want to improve your content’s impact on the end-user experience, join us for this free, one-hour webinar featuring technical communication solution vendor, Astoria Software. In this joint demonstration, Acrolinx and Astoria Software will show you how a workflow-driven content quality process more effectively prepares technical content for a favorable customer experience.

If you are an executive who oversees technical communication, this webinar will show you how an integrated Acrolinx and Astoria solution helps your organization speak with one voice and engage your customers more effectively.

Attendees will learn:

  • How content quality gets overlooked
  • A mechanism for streamlined checking of content quality
  • How automated checking feeds into a business process
  • The risks and opportunities for automated content checking
  • The impact of automated analysis on the organization and on the customer

Who Will Benefit From This Webinar?

  • Executives and managers responsible for Customer Engagement
  • Executives and managers responsible for technical writing
  • Technical writing leaders, technical writers, and related professionals, at any level
  • Anyone interested in the intersection between technical communications and Customer Engagement

The Astoria and Acrolinx solutions support Global 2000 manufacturers such as Cisco Systems, Xylem, and GE Healthcare in their efforts to produce accurate and engaging product documentation. Join us to learn the benefits and see a joint demonstration of Acrolinx and Astoria working together.