Acrolinx is the only software that can “read”
your content and help you make it better.

Sound interesting? We’ll show you how.

Better Content = Better Business Results

Why do the world’s greatest brands trust Acrolinx? Because whether your content is driving leads, likes, shares, or sales, Acrolinx helps you deliver better results. Our research has proven that content with a higher Acrolinx Score increases brand trust, conversion rates, and reduces content production costs.

Greater Brand Trust

High Acrolinx Score
Low Score

More Conversions

High Acrolinx Score
Low Score

More Likely to Purchase

High Acrolinx Score
Low Score

Easy to Use Cloud-Based Platform

You’re busy … we understand, so we’ve made it incredibly easy for you to get up and running quickly with Acrolinx. Here are just a few of the things we’ve thought of to make your life easier.


30+ Authoring Tool Integrations

Your writers don’t have to learn new tools.

Smart Guidance Wizard

A specialized feature that “reads and learns” your preferred terminology.

Powerful Content Analyzer

We can give you baseline Acrolinx Scores on all your existing content.

Expert Services

Training and support to hold your hand every step of the way.

Cloud-Based Platform

Always-on, secure hosted cloud, optimized to meet your enterprise requirements.

Here’s what our customers are saying:

Acrolinx Helps You Maximize the Impact of Your Company’s Enterprise Content

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Platform Deep Dive

Acrolinx was built to support a wide range of business needs – so it’s both powerful and flexible. Here you’ll find just a few of the unique ways Acrolinx helps some of the world’s greatest brands.

Acrolinx seamlessly integrates with over 30 content authoring tools – from common authoring environments, such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs, to advanced XML editors and Creative Suite products. See all our Partners here.
Acrolinx works with your enterprise systems, such as Drupal (New for 2018!), Adobe Marketing Cloud (AEM),, SDL, WordPress, and many more. We also support your agile development processes and have worked with systems such as GitHub and SonarQube.