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Deliver strong customer experiences across all content types – whether staff, agency, or AI-generated.

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How it works

Acrolinx helps you create content that fulfills its purpose at every touchpoint in the customer journey — while making content creation more effective than ever before. The platform is flexible and customizable, but a typical experience might look like this.

Create content anywhere

The ideal content solution meets you where you work best, not the other way around. Acrolinx supports more than 50 of your favorite authoring environments. So no matter what kind of content you’re creating, we’ve got you covered.

Automate for speed

Automated Acrolinx checks prevent repetitive content tasks that lead to editorial bottlenecks and endless review cycles. You get enterprise-wide insight into your workflows and control over all your content, without an army of editors. Acrolinx offers two ways to integrate automation into your content workflow: the Acrolinx API or Command Line Interface (CLI).

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Stay safe and secure

It's easy to deploy the Acrolinx Platform in a secure and scalable environment — without the time, resources, and expense of your own managed infrastructure. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS EC2) and Rackspace-Managed Services, our solution delivers global reach, advanced security, and flexible deployment, so it scales as you need it to.

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