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You invest in (and maintain) millions of pages of content to support digital touchpoints with your customers.

And those touchpoints can really set your brand apart. But first, you need to supercharge them with amazing content — built from the start to bring value to the entire customer experience.

What's content?

Content can be many things. It could be a product's UI, a single webpage, a complex product description, or a 50 page white paper. But content can also be the script used to power online bots, voice assistants, and AI-powered kiosks.

Amazing content is:

  • Findable
  • Scannable
  • Clear and easy to read
  • Consistent
  • Correct for spelling and grammar
  • Inclusive
  • Distinct in tone
  • Emotionally appealing

Acrolinx helps you infuse these qualities into all your digital touchpoints. So they’re ready to power outstanding customer experiences, and guarantee the best return on your content investments.

Know your content’s value

Content powers your customer experience and creates connections where people can’t. That makes it a major asset to your enterprise. But measuring the business value of every content touchpoint is a real challenge.

Acrolinx has already helped some of the world’s greatest brands understand the quality, cost, and value of their content. And with that information, these companies maximized their biggest asset — creating amazing content with powerful results.

Understand the quality, cost, and value of your content

Content is a critical business asset. Make it count! Learn how to improve the value of your enterprise content. We’ll show you how better content fuels better business results.

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The creation of content is itself not value producing. It's only the consumption of content that is value producing. And so content has to have quality, it has to be managed for risk, and understood as an asset.

Cruce Saunders

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