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Digitize your company’s style guides and make them easy to follow.

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Actionable writing guidelines for the best content

Most enterprises have long, complicated style guides – some are hundreds of pages. Most enterprises also write for different target audiences and content needs to be appropriate for each of them. Acrolinx has the industry’s most extensive capabilities to turn these complex style guides and rules into helpful writing and editing guidance for everyone in your company. Configure Acrolinx’s guidance to match your writing standards for clarity, tone, consistency, correctness, scannability, inclusivity, and terminology management.

Once configured, Acrolinx uses your style, rules and generative AI to offer quality improvement suggestions. Over 87% of issues can be fixed with a click. Acrolinx also generates new content that aligns with your established writing standards.

Acrolinx offers guidance for many different content types, including:

  • Structured product and technical documents
  • Support and knowledge articles
  • Marketing and brand assets
  • Learning content
  • UI/UX content
  • Social media and awareness materials
  • Internal communications 
  • External communications 
  • Investor relations
  • And more…

Easily set writing standards

Say goodbye to static corporate style guides and outdated rules. With Acrolinx, every writer can easily access and follow your up-to-date writing standards. This means everyone is writing and editing content that aligns to your writing standards. We’re built for scale, ready to get you covered company-wide.

You make the rules

Digitize your style guide into a Target which provides actionable guidance based on your target audiences and content types. Create multiple targets for the different audiences you serve.

To get you started quickly, we offer preset writing guidance for various audiences. Or you choose to configure Acrolinx’s writing guidance to accurately match your writing standards. 

Once set, Acrolinx checks content against your writing standards and provides a quality score. Writers can easily fix errors with highlighted click-to-replace suggestions.

Set standards for better content


Clear content helps your audience – especially non-native speakers – understand your content, find value, and convert.


Consistent content creates a recognizable brand and an enjoyable experience that improves engagement.


Correct content is free of spelling and grammatical errors. It’s one of the first lines of building brand trust.


Inclusive content makes people feel welcome, appeals to a more diverse audience, improves engagement, and expands opportunities.


Easy-to-scan pages provide visitors with their answers quickly and drive them to action.

Tone of voice

Maintaining a familiar tone of voice in your communications builds trust, awareness, and engagement.

Words and phrases

Words and Phrases corrects industry terms, product names, and regulated terms.

Effective content without the guesswork

It’s never been easier to test how effective your writing is. How do different tones affect engagement, call deflection, and conversion? 

Create different types of writing guidance to experiment with different aspects of your writing standards. Measure how those variations impact or change content performance.

Each set of writing goals lets you select different combinations of voice, tone, terminology, structure, and style — and create truly effective content that’s aligned with your business goals.

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