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AI guardrails for your content standards

The most comprehensive suite of content governance solutions to make sure your AI-generated writing is compliant with your standards.

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How content governance from Acrolinx uses AI guardrails

Regardless of how you’re deploying generative AI in your organization, Acrolinx’s automated content governance and editorial writing assistance mesh with your technology stack to ensure the quality of:

Large Language Model (LLM) Fine-Tuning Content

LLM Generated Content

Editorial Writing Assistance

Content in Development

Published Content

How Acrolinx AI guardrails result in high-quality and compliant content

This image shows how Acrolinx scans a customer’s repository and scores the content quality of every piece. The customer can then isolate the best quality content to fine-tune their LLM.

Quality assure content used for Fine-Tuning

Quality content in means quality content out. With content quality assurance, you make sure the content your business uses to fine-tune your LLMs meets enterprise quality standards. This drastically improves your model’s output.

Quality assure generated LLM completions

Check the quality of the content your LLM generates – before your writers even see it. Acrolinx integrates into your generative AI workflows to check, score, and improve content as it’s generated. This makes sure content follows enterprise style guides and writing standards.

In this image, a user enters a prompt into an LLM. Acrolinx checks, scores, and improves the content the LLM generates before the user even receives it. The output the user sees is well aligned with enterprise writing standards. Acrolinx indicates the quality of the content output by its Acrolinx score.
The image shows how the Acrolinx Sidebar provides clickable suggestions in a wide range of content tools, boosting both the content creation process and review process.

Editorial writing assistance

Provide writers with editorial guidance directly within the applications they use every day. Use our sidebar to instantly check human and AI-generated content to maintain content quality and enterprise writing standards.

Automated quality gates

Integrate Acrolinx into your content workflows to check and score the quality of content automatically before it’s published. This makes sure only high-quality content is published while low-quality content is held for editorial review.

This image represents the workflow of a writer who either pulls a piece of content to edit from a repository or creates a new one from scratch. The writer edits the content and uploads it back to the repository. 

When content is uploaded, it’s automatically checked for quality. If it reaches a desired score, it’s automatically approved to be published. If it doesn’t, the content is blocked from progressing in the workflow until it improves.
The image shows that thousands of writers contribute content to a repository where Acrolinx batch-scans all content at once. After publication, Acrolinx can regularly review that content for quality issues. It ensures that aspects like style, writing standards, or terminology updates are reflected in new content.

Maintain the quality of published content

Writing standards change, be it due to regulation changes, new product releases, mergers, acquisitions, or some other event.

Acrolinx continually checks the quality of published content and identifies content that no longer meets enterprise writing standards. This saves you the painstaking effort of having to review content manually.

AI guardrails help prevent abuse and harmful content

Our partnership with Microsoft Azure provides you with built-in LLM content filtering. For you, this means your LLM technology blocks the generation of offensive, abusive, hateful, and explicit content.


Blocking the generation of distasteful and disrespectful content


Blocking the generation of sexually suggestive and offensive content


Blocking the generation of self-inflicted injury, illegal substances or abuse


Blocking the generation of graphic depictions of assault and battery

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