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Build trust with content

Somewhere in the sea of 1.7 billion commercial websites is the information someone needs to solve their problem. Some of that is your content. How can patients, healthcare providers, and researchers know they’ve found the solution they need?

Content builds trust when it’s clear, accurate, and makes complex information accessible to different audiences.

Communicate with empathy

Life sciences is an industry that understands the importance of clear communication when it comes to delicate topics. But there’s also an emotional part of content that makes people feel safe and secure. 

Which is why Acrolinx offers an overview of how you use emotions in content, so you can communicate effectively with different stakeholders.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Acrolinx helps you simplify your legal review process by helping to create accurate product information across global teams. With clear, readable content, you can reduce ambiguity in your written standard operating procedures, and publish user-friendly instructional or informative content. 

Time for a maintenance review? Instantly update and manage terminology for multilingual labeling, legal documentation, and research material.

Acrolinx currently supports


Customer-centric content is the first step to patient centered care. Acrolinx makes it easy to write for different audiences in a way that’s empathetic and easy to understand.


Don’t let a long medical legal review process slow down time-critical documentation. Acrolinx helps you publish accurate content that complies with regulatory guidelines for labeling and clinical trials.

Medical devices

Clear content saves lives. It also limits liability claims from product misuse. Acrolinx helps you write readable product content, manuals, and educational content that’s suitable for reuse and swift translation.

Clinical research

Make sure all your content complies with industry standards during the entire clinical development process. Acrolinx aligns your content to your content quality standards, right from discovery and product development, to regulatory review and publication.

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