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The success of your products and services depends heavily on the quality of the associated content. To be effective, technical documentation must be up to date, comprehensive, and easy to find for the intended audience. It’s also important to avoid risks, speed time to market, and save costs. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Technology is here to help you.

20 %

20 % of purchase failures are a result of missing or unclear product information.

700 M+

Customers interact with content 700+ million minutes per year.

79 %

Technical communication reduces training and development costs by 79 %.

Why your technical writing team needs Acrolinx

Superior technical communication

Support your technical communicators with professional writing tips that are easy to implement. Acrolinx supports both your team members and any external resources, whether they’re SMEs or professional technical communicators. Our technology keeps your technical content clear, concise, and easy to understand.

More time, more money

Technical communicators can review and edit content in many different authoring environments, thanks to our impressive list of integrations. Acrolinx reduces proofreading time, giving professional editors more bandwidth to focus on complex information and the technical accuracy of their communications.

Lower risk, greater compliance

Hard to understand and incorrect technical communication jeopardizes your success. Acrolinx finds problematic content in your company communications, including technical documents and how-to web pages. So your technical writing team can solve issues before they create problems.

Set the right tone

Align your technical editors with your approved corporate language. Acrolinx provides customizable, user-friendly writing tips for a wide range of audiences. This keeps your technical communications easy-to-understand and in the right tone of voice.

More efficient technical communication

Acrolinx reduces turnaround time for technical communication from 3 weeks to 2 days — in more than 50 different technical editing environments. This not only keeps your communication clear and reliable, but also reduces the workload of your writers. Acrolinx saves your writers time and stress – and you money.

Acrolinx is a tool that helps our writers not have to remember 130 pages of style rules.

Brenda Pozek

Director of Documentation at Cerner Corp.

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