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  • Can Brands Survive Without Leveraging Generative AI?

    Generative AI is transforming marketing and customer engagement, from content creation to data analysis to personalized interactions. These large language models produce human-like content at scale, optimize campaigns, and enhance customer self-service. With major brands rapidly adopting generative AI, its capabilities have quickly become thought of as a competitive necessity. This article will examine the…

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  • Unprompted: AI, Marketing and You – Try AI

    Where are you on your AI adoption curve and where is your company on their AI maturity curve? In this episode, co-hosts Pete Housley and Banafshe Salehi review a bunch of cool and innovative AI tools, including Acrolinx, with the help of guest Saba El-Hilo, Unbounce’s SVP of Data and Engineering. They’re reprising the most…

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  • Revolution Has Its Consequences: GenAI Is No Different

    “Our research, based on discussions with more than 25 business executives, data scientists, and content management team members, validates that the generative AI business case is grounded in time-based competition principles.” Learn how Lloyds Banking Group in the U.K. uses Acrolinx to help derive the right tone and voice for 13 of its brands.

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  • Proofreading: An Essential Skill For Content Creators

    You’ve written a brilliant piece of content. Your work has undergone rigorous research, revision, and refinement. You are ready to share it with the world. But wait before you click the publish or send button! Have you proofread your content? Learn how Acrolinx can help.

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  • B2B marketers need to dig in to understand generative AI

    Content generation and finding the right tone and voice of copy is a common use case for generative AI, as it can help businesses meet the complex content challenges across writers, languages, and cultures. Find out how Lloyds Banking Group in the U.K. uses Acrolinx to find the right tone and voice for 13 brands.

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  • The Future of AI in Digital Marketing

    A few decades back, no one thought that you could see the map of any place or city on your mobile phone with just a single click. Or you would be recommended the product that you searched a while ago. All this was just a dream back then, but now it has turned into a…

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