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Are you looking for a powerful and secure way to generate and improve content? Acrolinx’s LLM infrastructure provides you with superior security and flexibility.

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Your secure enterprise LLM

There’s multiple ways to use LLMs (large language models) as an enterprise. The Acrolinx approach provides both content governance and enterprise-grade security. Using Acrolinx, you have a secure LLM powered by Microsoft Azure AI, which you can tune on your best content.

Take the guesswork out of recreating the success of your best content. Acrolinx automatically identifies hundreds to thousands of high-scoring content assets to tune your LLM. Based on this collection, you’re able to see which content qualities contribute most to its performance. Tune your private LLM to these qualities and your bespoke style guidelines. This approach not only leads to better content, it also minimizes content risks. By tuning your LLM on approved content only, you make sure your output doesn’t contain outdated, incorrect, or otherwise harmful language.

AI-powered content generation and suggestions for your writers

Get suggestions

Image of a writer using Acrolinx accepting suggestions of AI generated content

Acrolinx provides real-time suggestions to improve their content. Suggestions are influenced by your style guide to provide efficient content improvements that meet your enterprise writing standards.

Generate content

Image of a person using Acrolinx who is generating brand new content.

Generate brand-new content that’s compliant, on-brand and resonates with your audience. This way, you’re able to overcome editorial bottlenecks and scale content production to meet your business goals.

Trusted best-in-class LLM infrastructure

Acrolinx customers benefit from the best in LLM technologies.  By partnering with Microsoft Azure AI, you’re not locked into a single proprietary model, which means as the language technology industry evolves – so will you. At the same time, your data is yours alone and isn’t shared with a public model. This way, you can use Generative AI without fearing to hurt your enterprise’s security guidelines.

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Confidential data

Without fear it will leak outside of your organization.

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Secure infrastructure

So your data won’t be processed by public systems.

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Data ownership

Your data won’t be used to train external AI models.

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Future proof

Designed to integrate with new approved LLMs.

Content safety and responsible AI built in

Our partnership with Microsoft Azure provides you with built-in LLM security guardrails. For you, this means: Your LLM technology blocks the generation of offensive content. By blocking offensive content, you prevent the misuse of your private LLM by the people working with it. By blocking offensive content, you prevent the misuse of your private LLM by the people working with it.


Blocking the generation of self-inflicted injury, illegal substances or abuse in content


Blocking the generation of distasteful and disrespectful content


Blocking the generation of sexually suggestive and offensive content


Blocking the generation of graphic depictions of assault and battery in content

Content efficiency with improved compliance

Using your private enterprise LLM by Acrolinx not only helps create amazing content efficiently. It makes sure your teams generate content based on approved content, limiting content compliance risks. Harmful content is also blocked. All this in a secure and yet future-proof LLM infrastructure.

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