AI Enrich for Acrolinx: Generative AI Without the Risk

The era of generative AI is now Nearly every enterprise is either using generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) or strategizing about how to use it.  We know generative AI …

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WOBI Cheryl Platz | Speech Recognition Technology

Speech Recognition Technology and UX: How Consistent Content Powers Both at Riot Games, with Cheryl Platz

Games like Disney Friends are changing how people communicate and relate to video game characters. You can now tell Disney favorites like Stitch that you love him. Today’s …

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How Content Governance Makes Content More Meaningful

As a content creator, we know you want to deliver content that’s truly meaningful to your audience. To reach this goal, make sure your strategy focuses on avoiding content …

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Empathetic Communication: Why is it Important at Work?

In the midst of all the Coronavirus upheaval, content creators have turned their gaze to a particular theme of interest: empathy. Brands are looking to shift their tone …

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