How to Build a Content Governance Framework in 4 Steps

It’s time to build a content governance framework Enterprise content governance is a discipline created in response to the skyrocketing amounts of (and demands on) customer-facing content. So …

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WOBI Anne Godbold | Consumer Duty

A Closer Look at the New UK Consumer Duty and How it Impacts Your Business Content, with Anne Godbold from Accenture

  The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has crafted a brand new regulation called Consumer Duty. This aims to improve communications among financial services companies to address banking scandals …

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Different tones of voice image

Different Tones of Voice: Why Brands Can Use More of Them

Any time you create content, your tone tells the reader how to feel about what they’re reading. Your brand tone communicates a distinct personality and style, unique to …

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Empathetic Communication: Why is it Important at Work?

In the midst of all the Coronavirus upheaval, content creators have turned their gaze to a particular theme of interest: empathy. Brands are looking to shift their tone …

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