Automated content governance

Block bad content from being published and keep it compliant.

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Stress-free quality control

Content governance is the automated management and control over your content. It keeps your content consistent and aligned to your defined style guide, industry, and regulatory rules.

Scale your editing team by having Acrolinx check the quality of all content and block poor content from being published. Insert quality checks directly into your editorial lifecycle to prevent efficiency bottlenecks, keep content quality high, and avoid compliance risks.

Automate content scoring

Acrolinx integrates with content repositories to check if content meets your enterprise writing requirements. Assess content quality and make sure it fully complies with your corporate style guide rules, regulatory requirements, and quality standards.

Work in dozens of environments

Unchecked and older content leaves enterprises exposed to liability. Automate content reviews using prebuilt integrations with repositories, workflows, file systems, and websites like Adobe AEM, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Microsoft SharePoint, Confluence, and more.

Connect to editorial workflows

Integrate Acrolinx into your existing tech stack with dozens of pre-built integrations, or build your own custom integration powered by our API. Access Acrolinx capabilities easily from your custom apps with our SDK.

How automation benefits your enterprise

  • Check and score 100% of your content automatically
  • Stop poor quality content from being published by finding missed human errors
  • Uncover brand issues, messaging misalignment, and compliance risks
  • Publish more content with fewer resources
  • Scale content quality checking across millions of content pieces
  • Deliver content to your audience up to 5x faster
  • Reinforce your brand’s tone of voice across all content
  • Improve customer experience through content

Greater compliance with fewer resources

Almost everyone in your business contributes to your enterprise content. But only a few people involved in the editorial management process keep regulatory requirements and content compliance guidelines in mind. And as regulations adapt and change, even more risk is introduced into published content.

Before using Acrolinx, most customers find 50-70% of published content has missed an editorial review. This results in published content with poor word choices, complex sentence structures, and other linguistic errors that cause confusion, product misuse, and even lawsuits. 

Automated content governance keeps your content operation compliant, efficient, and agile. 

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