Boost productivity with editorial assistance for everyone

Reach writers and editors directly where they work.

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Scale content creation and editorial review

Give writers the editorial assistance they need. Generate unique, on-brand, compliant, and respectful content you can trust.

Editorial assistance for every team

Use Acrolinx to review and edit content right in the authoring environments where you work. Check your content for clarity, consistency, regulatory risk, and inclusivity issues, and immediately improve them. All without leaving the comfort of your favorite authoring environment. 

Acrolinx expedites creation by generating new content and offering generated suggestions that align with your style guide.

Creation and editorial support in your authoring tools

Stop interrupting your writing workflow by making writers jump between applications. Acrolinx maintains integrations with a wide range of popular authoring tools to support business writers working in productivity apps and professional writers creating structured content. Acrolinx supports dozens of tools such as:

  • Adobe AEM & Creative Cloud
  • Arbortext
  • Confluence
  • Figma
  • Google Workspace
  • MS Office & M365 Office Online
  • MadCap Flare
  • Oxygen
  • XMetal
  • VS Code
  • And more! See all Acrolinx integrations

Tune Acrolinx on your best content

Once you have strategy-aligned content that’s performing well, use that content to influence your content generation language model. 

Acrolinx curates your highest-quality and best performing content. It creates a profile of content characteristics to influence future AI-generated content and provide style aligned suggestions to quickly fix clarity, scannability, and correctness issues with a click.

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