Content Impact Who?

How to uncover the the value of optimizing your content supply chain

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Content might not end up on the corporate balance sheet but it powers every digital touchpoint along your customer experience — so it holds a lot of value.

Just like anything of value, your content requires care to keep it fit and performing well. But what qualities does content need to drive conversions? And how can you make sure that every piece of content, from all corners of your enterprise, delivers the right impact?

Join our session to walk through the importance of content impact and how software can help create and maintain high performing content that provides a measurable business impact.

Presenters Anuj Jain, Managing Director at Accenture, Dan Nutburn, VP Global Partners and Alliances at Acrolinx, and Paul Gilliham, Head of Engineering for Experience League at Adobe, discuss how to:

  • Ensure your content is fit for purpose and what to do if it’s not
  • Align your content to serve the needs of your organization AND intended audience
  • Measure the business impact of your content

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