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Faster Go-To-Market Thanks to Consistent Product Information

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The Problem
For capital-intensive goods, simple usability, maintenance safety, and repair efficiency are decisive factors for success. In order to meet these challenges, technical documents for a product must be prepared in real or near-real time with its launch. At MAN, all new product information material must be generated in 23 languages and in an increasingly narrower span of time. Given these circumstances, the company decided to introduce the use of a web-based system in preparing all of its product documentation for buses and trucks. The goal of establishing a centrally administered content management system for technical documentation was to increase efficiency in the editorial process and lower translation costs by improving the consistency of content organization and corporate language.

The Solution
Introducing the Acrolinx solution has resulted in a standardization and acceleration of processes and workflows in technical content management across the company. This, in turn, has resulted in release-time reductions of up to 30 percent, and with predominantly technical content featuring a high proportion of specialized technology, this figure has even reached 50 percent. The writing guidelines enforced by Acrolinx ensure that inaccurate and inconsistent content can’t make its way into product documentation materials. In addition, the efficiency of translations has increased considerably.

The Company
MAN Nutzfahrzeuge is the largest company of the MAN Group and one of the leading truck manufacturers with headquarters in Munich, Germany. In their 2008 fiscal year, the company had 36,251 employees, and their main growth markets were China and India. In the same year, they saw sales exceed 10 billion €.

Facts and Figures (2008)
Employees: 36,000
Production: more than 96,000 trucks and 7,000 buses
Sales: more than 10 billion €
Over 1,300 service centers worldwide

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