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How Acrolinx gives you the efficiency of generative AI — without the risk

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Generative AI has already changed the world of content creation as we know it. Tools like Jasper, ChatGPT, and Google’s Bard are making waves for their ability to generate summaries, translations, and even write poems and code. 

And when it comes to enterprise content, generative AI has potential to remove roadblocks to scalable content creation. It introduces limitless content velocity that big companies only dreamed of until now. But with that, comes risk. 

Just like adding any new external content contributors, you need a strategy to make sure you’re publishing risk-free content. Not to mention aligned to your brand standards. Which is why this ebook covers:

  • How you can adapt your content governance framework to include AI-generated content.
  • When it’s important to fine-tune your generative AI models on high-quality source content
  • Why generative AI is only valuable to an enterprise with supportive technology that can keep pace with increased content velocity.


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