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How Acrolinx Analytics boost
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Depending on the maturity of your content operation, your relationship to content metrics and data will be different to other organizations. Acrolinx Analytics supports your journey toward amazing content by giving you transparency and control over your global content creation.

It’s never been easier to unite different teams and business units across your organization. In a glance, you can view and refine the style, tone, clarity, and terminology you’re targeting for.

Five ways decision makers use Analytics:

  1. See an overview of their entire content operation
  2. Define what content quality means for their enterprise
  3. Prove there’s business value in better quality content
  4. Set benchmarks for content and see where content is underperforming
  5. Focus content creators on improving underperforming content

Decide, prioritize, and customize

Acrolinx comes with 15 Analytics dashboards, each offering a rich display of metrics to equip you with a powerful analysis tool.

Start small by measuring how content clarity increases conversion. Or integrate the Acrolinx API into your existing workflows to check 100% of your content and experience total quality control. Acrolinx Analytics reports give you ways to track and measure:

  • Clarity trends
  • Editing cost savings
  • Individual and overall authoring scores
  • Content clarity
  • Readability trends
  • Terminology usage and frequency
  • Content length
  • Translation savings

Here’s an example of one dashboard that comes with Acrolinx Analytics. At a glance, it shows the percentage of content that doesn’t match your expectations.

Here’s another example of content metrics showing clarity and readability trends.

Content that never stops improving

It’s all well and good to look at pie charts, scores, and numbers on a screen. But somehow you need to make that information actionable. Acrolinx continuously aspires to turn content metrics into feedback on how to improve your content. The goal is to use this data to streamline content creation and publish content that delivers an outstanding customer experience.

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