Automated Content Analysis for a Streamlined Workflow

Without automation, it’s almost impossible to keep large volumes of content consistent and full of the words and phrases that match your brand personality. Especially when people from different teams and locations are editing their own work.

Editorial bottlenecks slow your time to market and cost your business time and money. But what if there was a clear and open road to reach your content goals?

Meet your goals quickly.

Acrolinx integrates seamlessly into your content creation workflow and gives you automated content analysis. It acts as a quality gate, automatically checking and measuring to see that your content meets your goals at every stage. And because it’s fast and efficient, it helps you reduce editorial bottlenecks and lower costs.

With automated content analysis you can:

  • Establish leaner content workflows
  • Deliver content to your audience faster
  • Be certain all your content meets your standards
  • Save on content creation and editing costs

Get a bird’s eye view of your content.

Acrolinx automated content analysis lets you evaluate large amounts of content wherever it lives.

  • Batch check entire content inventories
  • Auto-check individual content pieces
  • Analyze GitHub content on pull requests or push events
  • Check all CMS content before you publish or translate it
  • Analyze your website content at regular intervals

Automate your content analysis with Acrolinx.

To learn more, download Automate your content workflow with Acrolinx:

Automate Your Content Workflow with Acrolinx Your Content Autopilot

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