Content Analytics for Better Governed Content

The big trouble with content analytics is that most are only meaningful after you’ve published content. And while you can use them to adjust your content strategy, it’s usually after you’ve seen some results.

What’s missing are metrics that help you optimize your content operation before you ever publish anything.

Two types of predictive content analytics.

Content quality metrics show you the clarity and accuracy of your content. They also help you evaluate your tone of voice. They grade your content on its consistency with your brand standards and terminology.

By evaluating these things before you publish your content, you can make the right changes and give your content the best chance of getting great results.

Governance metrics give you insight into the efficiency of your content operation. They help you understand:

  • Quality trends
  • Readability trends
  • Editing cost savings
  • Terminology usage and frequency
  • Individual and overall authoring scores
  • Content length
  • Content clarity
  • Translation savings

Example findings might look something like this:

Get deeper insight into your content operations.

Acrolinx provides a robust set of analytics dashboards that give you deep insight into your content creation process. Arm yourself with content comparisons, trend analyses, quality and improvement metrics, and more.

With Acrolinx content analytics, you’ll be able to optimize your way into a well-governed content operation.

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