The Acrolinx Content Cube

Improving content impact with fitness.

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The new way to boost content impact

The Content Cube gives marketers visibility into how their content is performing by aligning performance metrics with content fitness data and providing actionable insights. Enterprise marketers can then use the Acrolinx Platform to improve the original content and track results. 

How it works


Acrolinx captures your enterprise content fitness goals like clarity and tone, among others, to guide content creators.


Content creators receive instant guidance in their authoring environment based on your approved guidelines.


Content Cube governs content assets and creates improvement schedules to maximize performance and impact.

Performance is only half the picture

Performance metrics are easy to capture and understand. But performance doesn’t provide full insight into why your content performs the way it does. The Content Cube blends your metrics with the fitness of your content to provide insights into “the why” of its performance.

A representation of content fitness scores and how they have improved over time.

Discover content opportunities

A representation of graphs scoring content attributes.

The Content Cube monitors the fitness of your web content. It uncovers opportunities to influence your content strategy and improve content impact.

Schedule and prioritize improvement

The Content Cube identifies unfit content and schedules that content for review. This improvement list guides your content team, so writers can make the right content updates fast and efficiently.

A prioritized list of content that has low fitness scores.

Align writers with guidance

Content creators receive actionable guidance from Acrolinx in their preferred authoring environment. The Acrolinx Sidebar is your team’s content fitness coach that provides recommendations on how to improve under-performing content. 

Track content impact

The Content Cube uncovers content fitness and digital performance trends. Marketers can see the impact of their content strategy and how it influences engagement.

A detailed graph of content fitness data compared to performance data.

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Introducing the Content Cube from Acrolinx

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