2023 Inclusive Language Survey Results

11am ET | 4pm BST | 5pm CEST

Live webinar, August 28
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About this talk

Inclusive language is the practice of intentional word selection that conveys respect to all people. When we use inclusive language, we acknowledge and honor every person’s diverse and intersectional identities, making them feel valued and inviting them to contribute their best. Yet, inclusive language takes work, even for people who value diversity, and it also takes practice and humility. Recognizing less than inclusive words and replacing them with more inclusive terms also involves change — something we humans, as creatures of habit, can find difficult — it takes adjustments to how we work and the tools we use to do it. Join us for a presentation about adopting inclusive language that examines the findings from recent research. We’ll discuss what motivates organizations to adopt inclusive language; and whether the organizations that do so have methods to encourage or enforce its usage.

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