How financial firms can meet the New Consumer Duty

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Meeting the New Consumer Duty requirements

As of July 2023, all UK financial firms must meet the new Consumer Duty regulations proposed by the FCA. These new regulations require your firm to not only meet all four of the new outcomes but to also prove your firm is meeting them. Three of the four consumer duty regulations focus on your firm’s ability to provide clear and concise content so customers can find the right products and make timely decisions — all with a better customer experience. 

Acrolinx gives financial firms the ability to analyze gaps in the readability of their content, provide an action plan on improving that content, and align writers to update content to comply with the New Consumer Duty Regulations.

Identify your target audiences

Each of your target audiences are interested in different products and services — and have differing levels of financial education. Acrolinx Targets contain detailed characteristics for each of your audiences, including clarity, scannability, consistency, inclusive language, and more.

Gap analyze all existing content

Acrolinx scans all your existing content and gives you a quality score. This helps you understand which product content needs readability improvements to better align with.

Actionable improvement guidance

Enterprise authoring assistance guides writers as they create new content or update existing content. Writers get actionable click-to-replace suggestions to improve the readability of marketing, product, and customer service content. This improves the customer experience and their ability to make educated decisions quickly.

Continuous content improvement

Acrolinx governs your content by continually monitoring its performance and quality. As consumer needs change, product audiences shift, or market demands increase, Acrolinx will alert you of required content improvements to meet the compliance and performance needs of your firm.


Proving compliance to the FCA

Acrolinx provides insightful quality and performance dashboards to show the continued improvement your firm is making towards readability and consumer outcomes. Easily provide the FCA with analytics that validate improvements in clarity, scannability, consistency, readability, and more.

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