Berlin, Germany — June 14, 2016 — Acrolinx announced today version 5.0 of its content optimization platform that uses artificial intelligence to analyze and improve written content, including websites, blog articles, and technical documentation. The new release brings considerable enhancements and new features to Acrolinx’s award-winning content optimization software.

“With this release we’ve focused our efforts on improving the scale, reach, and usability of our software,” said Andrew Bredenkamp, Acrolinx Founder and CEO. “We’ve invested a lot of time and energy into making Acrolinx easier for large organizations to deploy, in offering many more integrations so that it works in almost any content authoring environment, and in making the platform easy enough for anyone to use.”

Acrolinx is the only software platform that can “read” your content, score it, and guide you to make it better. As you write, Acrolinx analyzes your content against thousands of rules that make language great — such as style, grammar, terminology, and tone, so everything you write is more consistent and has a greater impact.

“To succeed in business, today’s companies need to produce massive amounts of content,” explained Bredenkamp, “and that content has to be of the highest quality and consistent across the board. Our new release makes it easier for marketers, technical writers, and other content creators to create effective content enterprise-wide.”

The five main enhancements in the 5.0 release include:

A Guidance Wizard — To help users quickly identify the perfect terminology and style for their content, we’re rolling out a smart new Guidance Wizard. It analyzes all of the issues that our software finds in our customers’ content, and gives them recommendations on how to improve the guidance they offer their writers. That means they’ll be able to create better content faster.

A Content Analyzer — To make it easy to evaluate and score large volumes of content, we’ve developed a powerful Content Analyzer. Just point it at any file folder, URL, or content repository and get the overall Acrolinx Score for that content in its entirety as well as document-level details for style, terminology, grammar, and spelling.

Acrolinx Essentials — The Acrolinx Essentials Guidance Package gives users an out-of-the-box set of writing guidelines based on best practices from hundreds of successful customers. The new guidance package helps them get up and running quickly and then tune their writing guidelines over time. It’s designed to help users kick-start their Acrolinx implementation.

More Integrations — With Acrolinx 5.0, we’re offering new integrations with Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign and InCopy), Google Docs, Google Sheets, and WordPress. Customers can also use our new browser add-ons for Chrome and Firefox or the new Desktop Checker for Mac to analyze content almost anywhere.

New Voice Guidance — Our new Voice Guidance gives users step-by-step recommendations on how to fine-tune the clarity of their content. They’ll get feedback on the specific parts of their content where the tone isn’t on-target, and specific suggestions on how to improve their text. That means it will be a lot easier to guide their writers and ensure that everything they create is on-brand and on-target. To learn more about Acrolinx 5.0, click here.

About Acrolinx

The Acrolinx platform helps the world’s greatest brands create amazing content: on-brand, on-target, and at scale. Built on an advanced linguistic analytics engine, Acrolinx is the only software platform that can actually “read” your content and guide writers to make it better. That’s why companies, such as Adobe, Boeing, Google, and Philips, use Acrolinx to create content that’s more engaging, enjoyable, and impactful. Learn more at