Building the Future — An Acrolinx Report

Real-world insights into generative AI adoption and risks in the enterprise

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Everyone’s talking about generative AI, but how many enterprises are actually using it? And if so, what types of content do they plan on using generative AI for?

As generative AI technology disrupts the content creation space, enterprises are considering what role it should play in their content strategy. But with public opinions and approaches fluctuating daily, it’s time to evaluate what enterprises are doing in reality.

In this report we surveyed Acrolinx Fortune 500 customers (including Amazon, HPE, Humana, Fiserv, and Intralox) and other enterprises to find out:

  • Are enterprises using generative AI and why?
  • What concerns enterprises the most about it using generative AI?
  • How should AI models be trained?
  • What types of content would enterprises use generative AI to create?

Explore the findings by downloading the full report.

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