The 7 Deadly Content Sins Series: #2

Old & Outdated Content

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If you’ve ever wondered how the Seven Deadly Sins converge with the challenges of enterprise content management, this ebook series is for you! In a series of guides, we’ll look at common content challenges and how to avoid them — with the help of Acrolinx. 

This guide is all about old and outdated content. A report by PathFactory showed that 32.7% of content assets at an enterprise are more than three years old, eek! In today’s fast paced world, content that’s older than three years old risks being off-brand, inconsistent in style and terminology, non-compliant with industry regulations, or just plain embarrassing. 

This guide helps you: 

  • Understand the cost of complacency in allowing outdated content to stay published.
  • Compile a checklist of actions you can take to manage large volumes of content.
  • Save time auditing and updating legacy content with Acrolinx. 

Enjoy this guide and keep an eye for the rest in our content series. Next up we’ll be tackling the role of content in effective knowledge transfer across the enterprise. 

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