The State of Inclusivity in Financial Services

How Inclusive and Clear Is the Financial Service Industry's Web Content?

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How inclusive and clear is web content in the financial services industry? We set out to find out.

We analyzed the website content of leading international financial services companies, to understand the state of inclusivity and accessibility within the financial services industry.

Inclusive Language and clarity are vital components of all forms of content — but they’re especially important when it comes to website content. 

When prospects and customers visit your website they want to feel welcome and easily find the information they need. And if they can’t, it’s going to negatively impact their customer experience.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How 28 leading financial services companies rank for inclusive and clear website content
  • Which industry has the most inclusive and clear content
  • Which inclusivity issues are the most common in the financial services industry

Download our report today to gain insights into the state of inclusivity and clarity in the financial services industry!

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