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How we help you create content that’s more findable, readable and enjoyable.

Define your target audience, keywords and terminology.
As you write, Acrolinx checks every dimension of your language to ensure your content is awesome: style, terminology, grammar, SEO, readability and tone of voice.
Easily integrate with your web content management system, publishing platforms and workflows.
See actionable metrics to make your content even better, increase engagement and drive conversions.

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Speak with One Voice (with Scott Abel and Joe Pulizzi)



Words Matter: How Your Language Affects Business
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Built on Science, yet Incredibly Human

Built on Science
We’re what happens when you mix together a bunch of computational linguists and ask them to solve tough language problems. Born out of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, we’re passionate about language and technology.

With a love of language
We love language, we revel in its diversity, complexity and richness.  Great language illuminates ideas, ignites imagination and delights the ear.  Our software helps people create content that is more findable, readable and enjoyable – that’s our business.


Speak with One Voice

Your content is your business personified. And, whether it’s created by marketing, documentation, training or support, it’s your personality and your lifeline to your customers. To be good, your content has to be clear and consistent. To be great, it has to speak with one voice.

160 million words?
Our global research report shows the results of our platform analyzing the content of world’s largest companies.
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