Acrolinx and Crownpeak: Scaling Marketing Impact

Streamlining Marketing Content Creation and Consumption to Increase Conversion.

In partnership with Crownpeak, Acrolinx can build and improve the creation of marketing content by:

  • More brand and audience aligned content publishing
  • Higher content creation and maintenance efficiencies
  • Reduce regulatory and compliance risks
  • Better customer engagement
  • Personalized customer journeys
  • Higher content conversions

Marketing teams will create more content faster by turning their static brand guidelines, audiences interests, and content goals into dynamic marketing guardrails. To meet this demand, marketing teams need to create valuable content at scale and distribute it in the most frictionless way possible.

Crownpeak provides the leading digital experience Saas solution platform. Crownpeak offers best-in-breed capabilities that enable companies to create, deploy, and improve the performance of omnichannel digital experiences – faster and easier than ever, and with zero infrastructure to maintain.

Acrolinx is an AI powered software that improves the quality and effectiveness of targeted, governed, on-brand enterprise content from the very first draft.

The Crownpeak and Acrolinx partnership provides an enterprise platform to scale content production, align content to audiences, and improve the customer experience with data quality management and content governance.

For more information on how Crownpeak and Acrolinx help improve their customers’ digital experience, read this blog article:

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