Acrolinx and MHP: Making it possible to measure the effectiveness of your organization’s content.

MHP is a global management and IT consultancy. Its 4000+ consultants have deep process-related and digital expertise across a variety of sectors.

A new partnership with Acrolinx is already producing game-changing results. The two companies have successfully leveraged their combined strengths to find simple and effective ways for businesses to improve their content processes. 

Addressing key content challenges

From the outset, the main goals were to produce more effective content and to create it more efficiently. MHP identified that their customers’ three biggest challenges were establishing consistent terminology use, streamlining the content creation process, and finding a single software that would be compatible with several different editorial platforms.

To help address these challenges, MHP developed the Content Impact Maturity Model. This framework helps customers identify areas of improvement in their content supply chain and application possibilities of Acrolinx. 

The model takes a holistic view of content creation and focuses on four aspects of this process: strategy, people, organization and processes, and data and technology

Using the Content Impact Maturity Model

By analyzing how content was being made and who it was affecting through the Content Impact Maturity Model, MHP can improve the content quality process of current and future customers across different levels. This includes business case and modeling, product and portfolio analysis, process optimization, as well as content software and tools.

Using Acrolinx, an organization can then see whether an unpublished piece of content aligns with its own corporate standards and goals. It can also analyze published content, enhancing the Acrolinx scoring with a variety of post-production analytics, to see how it stacks up against those standards and goals. At the same time, it identifies pieces that could be improved.

Where to go for more information

If you would like to learn more about Acrolinx’s partnership with MHP, and the benefits of the Content Impact Maturity Model, take a look at this recent blog or view our on-demand webinar that goes into much more detail on the subject. 

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