Acrolinx and Templafy partner to end Content Anarchy

Templafy’s content enablement platform aligns workforces and empowers employees to create on-brand, high-performing business documents faster and with less effort.

Acrolinx’s AI-powered enterprise editorial software enables the world’s most valuable brands to write better content, aligning all writers with their company’s strategic content guidelines, at scale.

These two sector experts have partnered to deliver on-brand, high-performing business content faster.

The challenges many enterprises face today

Imagine how much business content is created across your organization within all your different departments. Just think of the vast numbers of documents, presentations and emails involved.

So, what checks and balances, if any, do you have in place to ensure all the latest guidelines are followed and the most up-to-date templates, branded assets and terminology are used? For many, the active steps to control their content won’t go much further than keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best. As a result, documents often end up being non-compliant, off-brand and time consuming to produce. This leads to content anarchy.

What is content anarchy?

This is the chaos that ensues when much of the content produced across the global network doesn’t follow the rules. Each piece might have its own style, tone, format or terminology depending on which individual writes it and where it’s created. This inconsistency slows down your content release schedule and it doesn’t do much for your enterprise’s reputation either.

With this lack of proper direction, employees struggle to know if they’re coming or going when it comes to creating content. Worse still, non-compliant content can lead to corporate risk.

Restoring order to content creation

To bring content creation back under control, you need a stable, scalable system that can evaluate your content against the key goals of your organization.

A solution that gives you control over large volumes of content across the globe, along with technology that is able to support human decisions on content. Last, but not least, you need to find a way to ensure every employee only has access to the latest and most relevant content needed for their role.

A match made in content heaven

That level of control is exactly what the Acrolinx partnership with Templafy provides for you. In place of the anarchy, you have aligned, written content and brand design across the globe that fits your style guide.

A multinational Pharmaceutical company took advantage of our combined offering when they needed to urgently produce technically accurate communications to keep governments and patients updated on their vaccine development programme. They invested in Templafy and Acrolinx to ensure the regulated communications followed guidelines, reduced corporate risk and speeded up time to market. They were delighted with the results.

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