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Consistent content builds trust

For large, global organizations, it can be a challenge to publish quality content. So many different content contributors and too little time to bring content to its full potential. But the solution is surprisingly simple.

When you bring the right information to the point of content creation, your content will remain consistent across teams and locations — all while complying with industry standards and regulatory requirements. 

The Acrolinx Sidebar

With the Acrolinx Sidebar, and the option for automated content checks, your organization can define your quality standards and speed up the creative process. Say goodbye to researching for the approved words and phrases, and inconsistencies in spelling, style, tone of voice, and terminology.

How it works

After you’ve defined the purpose and quality standard for your content, it’s time to align creators at the point of content creation. It’s all about aligning intention with impact. The Acrolinx Sidebar does this in a few ways:

  1. Spelling
  2. Grammar
  3. Style
  4. Clarity
  5. Conversational Tone
  6. Deprecated Terms

Identify issues at a glance

Issues found

When Acrolinx finds some issues, you’ll get an Acrolinx Score for how well the content aligns with the goals you’ve defined for your content. The overall Acrolinx Score for your content is displayed with a colored bar. The color coding is as simple as a traffic light, so you can quickly see how you’ve scored.

Suggestions to improve your content show as cards in the Sidebar. Each Sidebar card offers you guidance, but you can decide what to do with each issue.

For each issue, Acrolinx displays a colored card. The colors help you to identify the different issue types at a glance.

Acrolinx suggests replacements that appear in green. When you click on the green text, it replaces itself automatically in your text.

The Acrolinx Scorecard

The Acrolinx Scorecard corresponds to your Acrolinx Score, and goes into more detail. It shows you:

  • A summary of issues
  • Metrics that make up the tone of your content
  • Information about your document (file name, the number of words and sentences, and other statistical information)

Aligning intention with impact

Acrolinx is way more than a spelling and grammar checker. The Sidebar also includes an emotional analysis app, so you can analyze your content for emotional appeal.

Why is that important for enterprise content?

Imagine you’re writing to your customers about upcoming changes. You might want to avoid words like “change” (associated with fear), and instead use a neutral word like “update.”


Inclusive Language

Supporting enterprise diversity & inclusion initiatives

We’re all worthy of feeling, safe, included, and valued. Which is why inclusive language is now a core part of business communication. Whether you’re looking for a way to create a company-wide holistic approach to a diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative, or speak to a broader target audience — Acrolinx can help you implement inclusive language across all your enterprise content.

The platform provides guidance on:

  1. Respectful language
  2. Gender neutral pronouns
  3. People-first language

Want to know more about inclusive language?

Get the inclusive language guide

Instant alignment for long-term results

Acrolinx offers a cost-effective, time-efficient way to check that every piece of enterprise content covers the relevant topics, is clear, compliant, and represents your brand consistently across all channels.

Don’t wait for editors to align content with your expectations. Make sure your enterprise content checks boxes for the content KPIs that are relevant to your business — right from the first draft. 

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