Siemens uses Acrolinx technology to produce clear, customer-oriented documentation in its Power Generation Services division. The AI-powered Acrolinx platform helps technical writers ensure consistent style and terminology throughout their extensive manuals. That way, Siemens’ customers can understand and follow instructions in a time-efficient manner.

A clear and well-structured documentation is imperative for Siemens and its customers who build Siemens’ power plants and components. Ambiguous component names, or assembly processes that don’t work as described in the manual, can cause costly delays on construction sites.

AI-Based Governance for Efficient Content Creation

With integrations for all common authoring tools, Acrolinx supports technical writers directly in their own working environment. AI-based guidance provided by Acrolinx can often be implemented with just one click. Additionally, writers receive concrete tips on how they can change the text to meet Siemens’ specific requirements.

This setup has made the work of technical writers and translators even more efficient. “When comparing the old and the new system, the impact is obvious,” says Michael Straeter, Project Lead Technical Communication, Power Generation Services at Siemens. “We write more economically; we write less and we reuse content more often.”

Quality Becomes Transparent

Together with suppliers and Siemens’ Global Translation Service, Straeter and his team work on developing and implementing a clear and comprehensible language. “We all have to adapt to a new audience,” Straeter explains. “We also have to write manuals for customers we can’t talk to in person. To be understood, we have to stick to certain rules.”

Acrolinx makes it easy to pinpoint poor content quality by providing specific examples and analytics. “We can use Acrolinx to analyze content from our suppliers and tell them: ‘This is your information structure, your terminology, and your style – and that’s how we want your content to look.’ The quality of information becomes more transparent that way.”

To learn more about how Siemens uses Acrolinx, download the full case study.