Here at Acrolinx, we have some pretty awesome customers. And in this blog we want to highlight one of our newest customers — Avaloq.

Headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, Avaloq is a global leader in digital banking solutions, core banking software, and wealth management technology. Avaloq Banking Suite, their software system, is used by more than 140 banks worldwide, including Barclays, HSBC, and Societe Generale. 

In 2020, Avaloq’s Language Services department implemented Acrolinx to help their company speak with one consistent voice. Avaloq’s commitment to technological innovation made Acrolinx the perfect digital solution to their challenges. 

Why Avaloq Chose Acrolinx

Avaloq’s Language Services team translates and proofs company content, and have been working on standardizing their English corporate language for several years. After compiling a style guide and company glossary, the Language Services team wanted a software platform that could achieve consistency across enterprise content and promote one clear brand voice. This is especially challenging for a company with 2,000 employees, using almost every variety of English. 

What’s more, Avaloq translates many pieces of content to meet the needs of their global banking audience. But, unclear source texts were costing time and money. So, the Language Services team at Avaloq wanted to reduce the cost of translation by improving the clarity of source content from the outset. The goal was to enable content creators to produce a higher-quality first draft, needing fewer revisions, and ultimately fuel efficiencies across their content creation process. 

Avaloq also wanted a solution that could integrate into their favorite authoring tools. The Language Services team didn’t want to have to switch between multiple windows and applications in search of the right term or for style guidelines. The solution needed to be user-friendly, for both linguists and non-linguists, align content to company guidelines, and integrate into their content creation process.

The Perfect Match 

A recent article in the prestigious ITI Bulletin, published by the U.K.’s Institute of Translation and Interpreting, explores the implementation of the Acrolinx software platform from the perspective of the Avaloq Language Services team. The article talks about why Avaloq chose Acrolinx, the process of implementation (both technically and internally), and user feedback so far. 

Acrolinx provides the ultimate solution for Avaloq’s challenges, which are familiar to many global organizations: 

“From our point of view, it removes a lot of the legwork involved in proofreading documents and translations. Given that our corporate language is English, but a large amount of written content is generated by non-native speakers, a solution that can correct capitalisation errors, for example, at the click of a mouse enables us to focus our energy on creativity instead of mere mechanics. Longer term, it is also improving our writing at first draft stage.”

Improving source content keeps translations costs low, while maintaining content quality — which is vital if you want to create amazing experiences for your customers. It also saves time in translation, allowing content creators to focus on more high-value work. Acrolinx guides writers to create more consistent, clear, and on-brand content, in their favorite authoring tools (Acrolinx provides support for more than 50 authoring environments!). This means your content can be impactful and effective — no matter what department it’s produced in. 

“Within our own team, we are now sufficiently familiar with the system that we know, even before putting fingers to keyboard, what will generate flags, so we can already write with that in mind. For example, those who tend to write very long sentences are now splitting them earlier. And while we writers and translators are training Acrolinx all the time, it is also training us to write more concisely and effectively.”

If you want to learn more about Avaloq’s implementation of Acrolinx, make sure to check out the ITI Bulletin article, Cloud Control: Five translators explain how language technology is helping bring consistency to their company’s communication.

How Acrolinx Can Help Your Enterprise

The Acrolinx software platform gives your writers immediate in-depth feedback on the clarity and style of their writing — making sure it’s aligned to your brand. This means that large teams, with different language skills, across different locations, can be guided to meet your content strategy and goals. Automation carries the burden of time-consuming editing for quality control, and integrates into your content creation process to deliver automatic alignment. And this fuels efficiency. 

Want to learn more about how Acrolinx can align your enterprise content, fuel efficiencies, and lower translations costs? We’re helping some of the world’s best brands create content that delights their customers, and we can help yours too. Let’s Talk.