Acrolinx Targets is officially live and ready for new and existing customers. We had a fantastic time introducing the new capabilities and functionality that Targets brings to the Acrolinx Platform. With new, preconfigured Targets, Acrolinx customers can quickly deploy and manage their writing guidelines across all writers. Also, it’s now easier than ever to create new Targets to AB test messaging or to adapt to new audiences. This is crucial for our customers as they enter new markets or release new products and services. 

Thank you to everyone who registered and joined our live webinar. If you missed the session, you can see it on-demand here. For those of you who asked questions we didn’t get to , we’ve created this Q&A. 

We’re excited and looking forward to the amazing things you’re going to do with Targets!  

Webinar Q&A 

When will Targets become available?

Acrolinx Targets is available now. All new licenses will be built exclusively on Targets. All existing customers can start the migration process to upgrade their accounts when they’re ready.

How can I start using Targets?

Existing customers can start the migration process by connecting with their Customer Success Manager. If you’re unclear who your manager is, you can create a ticket by emailing

What’s the migration process like and how long does it take?

The migration process includes a review and assessment of your current configuration and migration plan. Typical migrations will take 3-4 weeks to complete. Your Customer Success Manager will be able to provide a more detailed estimate. 

Will I lose my existing license configurations when I migrate to Targets?

The migration process will bring your existing configurations into Acrolinx Targets. 

Will I be required to update to Targets?

Customers will be allowed to continue to use their legacy Acrolinx licenses. There’s no requirement to upgrade to Acrolinx Targets. 

Will I need to retrain my team on how to use Acrolinx?

Acrolinx Targets will reduce the amount of time needed to update and change configurations. The migration process will include newer training for the team. Your writers will still be able to work in their existing Sidebar environments.

Are some legacy features not available in Targets? 

There are a handful of capabilities that have yet to be enabled in Acrolinx Targets. We’re working to bring those capabilities over into Targets throughout the year via our scheduled releases. Your Customer Success Manager will help identify any configurations that aren’t fully supported yet.

Are there any changes to analytics and reporting?

The essential changes to reporting are that we’ve now adapted the reports to consider Targets and Goals, rather than the previous concepts of Writing Guides/Checking Profiles & Categories. There’s no loss in functionality or reporting capabilities in this release. 

Is there a limit to the number of Targets we can create?

There are no limits to the number of Targets you can create. This is a great opportunity to experiment with new messaging tactics, audiences, or industries with agility. 

Can we add other inclusivity terms for the new inclusive language capabilities?

Our inclusive language capabilities are built to focus on industry standards from leading social organizations, published scholars, and socioeconomic studies. They are global for all customers and allow you to benefit from the latest research. You can, however, add any additional terms you like into our terminology checking. 

Create Content That Matches Your Business

Content is at the heart of your business. It’s there to delight, educate, and nurture your prospects and customers, and deliver a unified customer experience. But to be effective it needs to be clear, correct, consistent, scannable, inclusive, and in the right tone of voice — no matter who’s writing it. Thanks to Targets, it’s never been easier to customize goals for your enterprise content. 

Want greater convenience in setting up enterprise-wide content standards? Let’s Talk.

Chris Carroll

is a Product Marketing Director at Acrolinx. With over 15 years of B2B enterprise marketing experience, he spends his time helping product and sales leaders build compelling stories for their audiences. He is an avid video content creator and visual storyteller.