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Every enterprise has a unique brand voice

The customer experience your enterprise offers is made up of billions of digital touchpoints, all powered by content. But creating content that reflects your content goals — for tone of voice, clarity, inclusivity, scannability, and more — is a huge challenge. Especially at scale.

It’s never been easier to unite different teams and business units across your organization. In a glance, you can view and refine the style, tone, clarity, and terminology you’re targeting for:

Targeted guidelines for different target audiences

Taking ownership over governing and improving enterprise content starts by setting content goals. With Targets, Acrolinx captures key characteristics for high-performing content. Build Targets for different content types or audiences. Each one tells Acrolinx what kind of guidance you want, based on the goals you choose for it.

Decide, prioritize, and customize

A Target is made up of goals. A goal is a content characteristic you want Acrolinx to check your content for.

Content goals are based on what you want to achieve with your content strategy and audience. For example, global-ready content will likely be translated and localized, so clarity, consistency and scannability (for easy readability) are important goals.

With Acrolinx, you can build a set of guidance that fits your content strategy and helps your writers stay aligned.

Content goals for every enterprise content strategy

Start with our preset recommendations
for content goals — built from more than 20 years helping organizations create goal-driven content — or quickly customize them in the Acrolinx Dashboard.

Effective content, zero guesswork

It’s never been easier to test the effectiveness of your enterprise content. A/B testing with different content requirements is a great way to measure maximum content performance with your chosen content guidelines.

For example, you might want to test the correlation between tone (formal/informal) and conversion rates.

Each Target lets you select different combinations of voice, tone, terminology, structure, and style — and create truly effective content that’s aligned with your business goals.

Acrolinx is the only platform that’s designed to capture your industry standards for written content, and still customize your marketing, product, and support content to maximize its impact.

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