Combining Copy and Art to Improve Experience and Interface Designer Performance

Berlin and Waltham – April 27, 2021 – Acrolinx, provider of the AI-powered content creation platform, today announced a strategic integration with Sketch, a leading user experience and user interface designing application. 

Acrolinx’s integration with Sketch provides designers with instant value. It expedites the design process by providing tailored guidance to meet a brand’s tone, clarity, inclusivity, and scannability needs. Right from within the Sketch app, designers can use Acrolinx to check written content used in content designs. Acrolinx provides in-line recommendations to designers to help enforce terminology, sentence structure, emotion, sincerity, and more. 

“By using Acrolinx with Sketch, designers are able to focus more on usability and design styles — the things they’re really good at, as opposed to writing copy while also expediting review cycles. It’s a win-win when it comes to accelerating the design process.” — Christopher P. Willis, CMO of Acrolinx

Sketch and Acrolinx subscribers can take advantage of this integration today. Just send an email to your Customer Success Manager to get started! To learn more about Acrolinx’s integration with Sketch and see how it works, visit this blog post.

About Acrolinx

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