Stop Letting Words Get in the Way.

There are two things designers dislike: being blocked creatively and drafting text into designs. No one likes Lorem Ipsum — and no one wants text holding up the design process.

Acrolinx is excited to announce our integration with Sketch. This allows designers to focus on design, while achieving clear and concise messaging in their projects. 

Acrolinx provides powerful AI-fueled content checking that helps speed up the design process, while meeting organizational brand, inclusion, and findability goals. From right within the Sketch app, Acrolinx will scan and score written content across seven different writing goals:

  • Tone
  • Correctness
  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Inclusivity
  • Scannability
  • Words and phrases

Check out this video showcasing the integration


Far more than your standard spelling and grammar checker, each of these goals drives your content’s Acrolinx Score. Without ever leaving the Sketch App, the Acrolinx Sidebar gives you detailed guidance on how to correct your content to meet your organizations content needs. 

As designers check their content, Acrolinx highlights areas and layers that are flagged for review. Designers can easily see why the content is being flagged, with suggestions on how to improve it.

Business managers are able to achieve faster design cycles, easier consensus, and create designs that reflect the true intended experiences of their audiences. Also, they can align designers with different experience levels, backgrounds, and language preferences, at scale.

Acrolinx’s integration with Sketch allows designers to worry less about the written content and focus more on the design itself.

Sketch and Acrolinx subscribers can take advantage of this integration today.  Just send an email to your Customer Success Manager to get started!

Interested in learning more about Acrolinx? Check out how we help product teams expedite product releases or let’s talk!