Content Councils to Center of Excellence

Uniting teams that care about content

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Do you work with release notes, website copy, social captions, blog or knowledge articles, or UX/UI content? If you said yes to any of these— you’re invested in words that resonate with your target audience and align with your business goals. 

Content is your most powerful asset, so help it live up to its full potential! One way to get that happening is to form a content center of excellence. In this guide, learn:

  • How to clearly define your content’s purpose and objectives
  • Documenting best practices and content standards for easy collaboration
  • Implementing a content governance framework that helps make informed decisions
  • Maintaining your content’s value over its lifetime

Whether you are yet to build a content center of excellence, want to improve an existing one, or just looking for best practices, this guide is for you!


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