Customer Experience Matters! The Content Guide to Better CX

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Customer experience (CX) is a hot topic for companies looking for a competitive edge. Putting customers first has become a key part of almost every company’s playbook. 

In our new guide, we look at one part of CX that’s hugely important but often overlooked: The role of content and how it shapes CX. 

We’ll show you:

  • Why content can make your CX better, faster
  • The content qualities that’ll give your customers the best experience
  • How to create a content operation that can help you deliver great CX 

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Cynthia Spiers

leads the content, digital, and product marketing team at Acrolinx. She brings more than two decades of marketing leadership to her role as Vice President, Content & Product Marketing. A lover of writing and all things content, Cynthia holds a BA from Connecticut College. She’s also a mom to three daughters and two adorable dogs.

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