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The Problem
Employees at Fiducia & GAD spent a great deal of their time and effort researching language- related questions. Authors had to consult several different sources to find the correct spelling of terms and product names. The time and effort necessary for ensuring high quality of their content was equally high. Altogether, the language used in different departments and the perceived image of Fiducia & GAD among customers and prospects were highly inconsistent.

The Solution
To achieve consistency in their corporate language and across all types of content, Fiducia & GAD implemented Acrolinx in all departments. Acrolinx is used to extract and manage terminology and to check content for various types of language issues. An important part of the Acrolinx implementation was the creation of a terminology database which is integrated into the intranet and knowledge management system.

A consistent and company-wide mandatory terminology is an example of Fiducia & GAD's know-how and is an important aspect for establishing a positive image of Fiducia & GAD and for building long lasting customer relationships. Acrolinx is the perfect preparation for a potential internationalization and the multilingual requirements of our business. – Eva-Maria Lewark, Director Documentation and Terminology, Fiducia & GAD

The Company
Fiducia & GAD IT AG headquartered in Karlsruhe and is one of the largest IT service providers for the banking sector. Seven hundred cooperative banks and 50 private banks rely on IT solutions from Fiducia & GAD and trust the security of Fiducia & GAD’s data processing center in Karlsruhe. Additionally, several public administration departments and other companies leverage Fiducia & GAD’s know-how and infrastructure.

Fiducia & GAD currently administers and maintains over 17 million checking accounts, processes 3.8 billion transactions every year, services almost 100,000 workstations, and ensures the functionality of 23,000 ATMs. Additionally, Fiducia & GAD offers the currently most secure system for online banking, Sm@rt-TAN Plus.

Fiducia & GAD operates two high-security data processing centers. It develops and offers the leading banking system “agree” which is employed at 760 branch offices. In 2011, Fiducia & GAD printed about 500 million pages and enveloped 167 million letters. Fiducia & GAD and its subsidiaries employ more than 3,100 employees. The company’s turnover in 2011 was over 708 million euros.

Facts & Figures (January 2013)
Terms in the database: 6,700 (December 2012)
Registered users: 1,880

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