The 7 Deadly Content Sins Series: #1

Mixed Messages & Inconsistent Content

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Prepare to explore the cost and consequences of the content world’s darker side – where the Seven Deadly Sins converge with the challenges of enterprise content management.

This is the first guide in our “7 Deadly Content Sins “ series, where we look at common content challenges and how to avoid them – with the help of Acrolinx. 

Sending your target audience mixed messages through inconsistent content leads to editorial inefficiency, missed deadlines and budget strain, and a jarring customer experience. 

In this guide learn how to: 

  • Refine your approval workflows for maximum efficiency.
  • Keep all your content contributors aligned to your brand standards.
  • Explore how Acrolinx can help you address the inconsistent content and mixed messaging across all of your enterprise content. 

Make sure to keep an eye for the next guide in our content sins series. Next up we’ll be tackling old and outdated content that’s lurking in your content repositories and website!


Kiana Minkie

Kiana is a Content Marketing Manager at Acrolinx. She comes to her content career from a science background and a love of storytelling. Committed to the power of intentional communication to create social change, Kiana has published a plethora of B2B content on the importance of inclusive language in the workplace. Kiana, along with the Acrolinx Marketing Team, won a Silver Stevie Award at the 18th Annual International Business Awards® for Marketing Department of the Year. She also started the Acrolinx Diversity and Inclusion committee, and is a driving force behind employee-driven inclusion efforts.

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