The Enterprise Content Governance Playbook

It’s time to create impactful content that performs

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Content fuels your business. And as customer journeys transition from physical to digital touchpoints, content is becoming even more valuable, deployable, and measurable. Knowing how to create impactful content is one thing, but doing it at scale across an enterprise is another. That’s where content governance comes in. 

In this playbook, we’ll explore the discipline of content governance — a systematic approach to achieving and maintaining your company’s content strategy and measuring its success. We’ll show you:

  • The four-step content governance framework
  • Governance use cases for technical documentation, marketing, support, translation, and inclusive language
  • A method to drive change and measure success of your content governance initiative — including a KPI checklist

Get it right and your newly efficient, effective, strategic approach to content will power big, measurable improvement in customer experience terms. You’ll see the results in the things that matter most: your marketing metrics, sales conversions, customer satisfaction scores, support effectiveness, product usage, deal sizes, customer lifetime value, loyalty and beyond.

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