Watch Your Tone!

The Ultimate Guide to Developing Your Company’s Tone of Voice

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Tone of voice is how the character of your business comes through in the words you write and speak. It’s not about what you say, but rather the way you say it. Whether it’s formal or casual, punchy or flowing, your company’s tone of voice will make an impression on everyone who reads or hears you.

Your tone of voice is an important part of your company’s DNA and it needs to be carefully cultivated and protected. That’s because in today’s crowded content world, having a strong, discernable tone of voice can give you a powerful competitive advantage.

Watch Your Tone! Why Your Company’s Tone of Voice Matters, and How to Get It Right takes you step-by-step through the process of developing your tone of voice. You’ll learn more about:

• What tone of voice is and why it’s important
• How to develop yours
• How to successfully roll out your tone of voice to your entire company

The eBook is loaded with practical advice from some of the world’s most noted tone of voice experts, and includes useful guides, examples, and worksheets.

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Watch Your Tone! offers valuable advice on how you can create your own corporate voice.

Ann Handley – Chief Content Officer at MarketProfs and author of “Everybody Writes,” a Wall Street Journal bestseller.

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