This week on Content Insiders, Volker and Chris talk with Cruce Saunders, founder and principal of [A], the content intelligence service that partners with enterprise leaders to reach more channels, grow the value of content assets, and streamline omnichannel production and publishing. 

They dive into how and why enterprises must start looking at content as an asset to their business, and how to take steps to truly maximize the value of that asset. 

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Here’s a bit more information on [A]:

[A] is the content intelligence service. The firm specializes in working with the world’s most knowledge-rich organizations. [A] works on the patterns, people, and process around content strategy, content engineering, and content operations, to crafting high-velocity, low-friction content supply chains that feed customer experiences. [A] also facilitates content intelligence: the ability for content to impact business value at scale.  Learn more at

Cruce Saunders is on Twitter @mrcruce

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