These days, just about every team is under pressure to try to do more with less. Content teams at large enterprises are no exception. Executive leadership isn’t only asking them to up the amount of content they produce to keep pace with demand, but to also improve the quality of that content. And they often expect them to do so even though their budgets are flat or being cut.

If you’re a content leader, you know that overcoming a challenge like this is no small feat. So it’s critical that you find ways to fuel efficiency in your content strategy. 

And don’t forget, meeting your content goals doesn’t necessarily just mean for your content marketing strategy. You don’t have to be a marketer to be creating content. Enterprise content includes much more than blog posts and content marketing collateral. Content is closely connected to business goals, whether that’s increasing website traffic and brand awareness, or reducing the number of calls to customer support through the quality and clarity of support articles.

As we’ll see, one of the best options to do so is to embrace technology that’s tailored to improve and manage enterprise content.  

Goal-Oriented Content is the Way Forward

You need to bring order and discipline to content creation by implementing various tools, policies, and frameworks that allow you to better govern the process. Typically, this should include a thoughtful strategy, well-defined brand and style guidelines, and carefully curated terminology databases. In turn, this helps propel efficiencies. 

Of course, simply having the right documents, procedures, and policies in place isn’t enough. You also need a way to automatically enforce them at scale. That’s why adopting a content improvement platform is essential to meeting your business goals and content strategy.

The right platform will capture your enterprise content standards and make them actionable by guiding your writers to apply the correct preferences in their favorite content authoring tools. This process of content improvement produces content that’s emotionally appealing, uses inclusive language, and is on-brand from the first draft.

Technology-driven content improvement platforms give you the power to understand what an effective content piece is (through content metrics), and the ability to produce that consistently at scale. This fuels positive customer experiences, which help you stand out from the crowd in an increasingly digital marketplace. 

In 2021, working remotely isn’t unusual. And when you consider that global enterprises also have content creators spread out across the world, this can pose organizational challenges. Yet, content improvement solutions are able to guide your writers, regardless of location, to meet your content standards and strategy. This is a critical step toward becoming more efficient.

Meeting Your Content Goals

To deliver your content objectives (and without increasing budget) you have to find ways to make content creation more cost-effective. Most of the time, that means starting with streamlining overengineered editorial processes. 

Content is first reviewed for writing errors, checked for clarity, and edited to match brand style guidelines. Then subject-matter experts check its correctness and SEO experts optimize it for search traffic. And that’s all before a senior content editor suggests final amendments and gives it the go-ahead to be published. Delivering your content goals means you have to harness the power of automation to combat long review cycles and develop a more efficient process. 

Simply put, you want to make content creation a smoother, less resource-intensive process. 

Having the right content improvement platform can help you maximize your existing budget, so that you’re creating the highest quality and most effective content possible for each dollar you spend. The result is:

  • Cost savings. You reduce the cost of creating content by increasing the value derived from your internal resources while also decreasing external spend.
  • Being able to quantify quality, align, and spend. A good platform will enable you to hold all of your content creators accountable to enterprise content objectives, while making it possible to improve internal content creation processes.
  • Better decision making. Any platform you use should also provide rich analytic insights. These are critical because they’ll allow you to make data-driven decisions the basis of your company’s editorial process and strategy.
  • Improved customer experiences. A platform that combines content insights with content creation will do more than just reach a target audience, it’ll engage them.

Ultimately, using a systematic, centralized solution to improve content creation is the best way to increase the volume and velocity of your content for every dollar you spend. At the same time, a content improvement platform provides the insights you need to produce more effective content that resonates with your customers. So not only are you saving money, but you’re creating more effective content in the process!

Organizations that embrace content improvement platforms will find that they’re able to produce more, higher-quality content faster. Thereby meeting their business goals and the expectations of executive leadership, while attracting new customers. 

How Acrolinx Can Help!

Acrolinx is an AI-powered software that improves the quality and effectiveness of enterprise content.

Acrolinx gives your writers immediate in-depth feedback on the clarity and style of their writing — making sure it’s aligned to your brand. This means that large teams, with different language skills, across different locations, can be guided to meet your content strategy and goals. Automation carries the burden of time-consuming editing for quality control, and integrates into your content creation process to deliver automatic alignment. And this fuels efficiency. 

Acrolinx can help you bring out the best in your content. But it all starts with recognizing its worth and value. Then, you’re ready to give your tired content engine the VIP treatment, by bringing insights to where teams are creating content, shortening the editorial process, and using analytics to continually improve it. 

Ready to begin? Check out our Content as an Asset Mini Guide. It prepares you for a productive conversation on how much you’re spending on content creation (and maintenance) today, and how Acrolinx helps create high-value technical and marketing content that’s aligned with your business objectives.

If you want to know more about how Acrolinx can help you meet your content goals, let’s talk.

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